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Seoul Chronicle

1st Prize 

"Sejong Daero Historic Cultural Space" 

Design Competition

Status: Under construction

Location : Seoul, South Korea

Design Period : September, 2016

Design Team: Jinhyun Jun, Minkyung Song, Kangil Ji, Yongjun Jo, Kyungchan Cho


The design of Sejong-daero historic cultural space is about connecting levels between above-ground and underground. The spatial connection below ground carries excavation, which used to recognize as inevitable destruction of historical remains. To construct historic cultural space in the center of the Seoul where it is surrounded by historic places and various landmarks, we take two attitudes below.

First attitude is respect to existing remain. We accept underground context as well as above ground context, and excavate with archaeologist’s careful attitude. This process consists of reading urban depth in fractured segments and understanding historic events. Rearranging historic events in order and adding today’s layer enables to keep the Seoul chronicle. This process will develop memory of the city into story of the city.

and provides fields of interaction to the people of Seoul.The space need to be used in various ways with different programs per surrounding neighbor’s request. To contain various programs, the space should be indeterminate rather than specifically defined. This attitude leads to form the space with open voids and horizontal platform which is defined by people’s behavior, Second, we take the neutral attitude for more possibilities of space. All surrounding contexts are equally important and influencing space.










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