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Framed Infinity

Reford International Garden Festival

Location : Grand-Metis, Canada

Design Period : November, 2015

Design Team: Jinhyun Jun, Minkyung Song


The purpose of the garden is to respect the dignity of nature by expressing its timeless characteristics. To achieve this connection, we adopt four elements of nature (sky, mountain, meadow and water) and recompose these by taking inspiration from the historic Asian landscape design approach called "Borrowing nature". However, unlike the traditional way of "Borrowing nature" whereby nature is framed with architectural elements through a static picture frame, we instead frame natural elements on an excavated ground. Therefore, while the traditional "Borrowing nature" approach is meant for enjoying nature as the bounded image, the framed nature in our garden is endlessly extended through reflection. The infinitely stretched image simulataneously articulates the infinity of nature and repects its innate wonders. In our garden, visitors trascend more conventional ways of relating to nature, all the while appreciating its timeless qualities through mediation

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