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One Street, Thousand Destinations

"Gather Around Hongdae Eoulmadong-ro 

Cultural Platform" Idea Competition


 Seoul, South Korea




The nature of Street culture is determined by coincidental, improvisational, and temporary events. The streets in front of Hongdae also have a unique place character based on the characteristic of being a set of contingencies. Street performances, flip-market, club culture, and indie culture that came from the concentration of artists. This could naturally develop in an environment of uncertainty and diversity, rather than a planned one at "Hong-dae". On the assumption that the street culture is more active when the sporadic events are abundant, we suggest space with disorder rather than order, contingency rather than planning, and diversity rather than monotony. At the same time, it becomes the starting point of the street in front of Hongdae, and at the same time, it tries to enhance the possibility of street culture and the identity by selecting 365 sections of Seo-Kyo where the old buildings are entered in a unique way.

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