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Plaza of Seoul

Idea Competition

for the Renewal of Plaza in the Bank of Korea


 Seoul, South Korea



Originally, the plaza differs from the traditional space of Korea in its origins, but it is s a very useful space in the city in Korea as a vacant space. Traditional Korean community spaces and landscapes also have values that are different from those found in western plazas, but are still valid at this time. Traditionally, in the community space of Korea, it is difficult to find the type that is like a plaza, but Korea has the small open space deeply related with people's lives.Because of the fact that much of the country is mountainous,traditional Korean community spaces are mostly located in mountainous areas, for those who want to get closer to nature or for practical purposes. The mountains with topographical relief rather than the flatness as in the western plains became the basis of a more general Korean public space. Not only has the mountain been a big framework for deciding our spatial structure for a long time, it has deeply rooted in almost everybody's life and has had a profound impact on real life. Maybe a mountain would be another alternative to create a square or public space that would suit the situation in Korea.

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